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Quality Construction and Home Building in Billings, Montana

South Pine Design is a family-oriented business focused on building quality construction and providing superior service. With over 20 years of custom home building experience, you will be at ease with every phase of the planning , building, and completion of each home.  

Kevin Blatchford grew up in a farming community in Nebraska where his dad did a lot of woodworking. He went to college in Omaha, NE where he was on a construction crew framing houses. He expanded to other areas of building like concrete, trim work, and excavation. Wanting to raise his family where his wife grew up was an easy choice to move to Billings. That’s where he was in charge of a large construction company overseeing the house building process. With all the experience in different areas of the home construction process, it is clear to see that Kevin knows the ins and outs of every area. His eye for detail and knowledge in so many areas of the house you can feel confident that you will be getting a house you love.  

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Our Process

1 | Financing

Define your budget. We'll create something you love within your price point.Define your budget. We'll create something you love within your price point.

2 | Home Picks

Find the perfect home from our spec plans or let us design something completely custom. We'll help you select the perfect finishes too, all while sticking to your budget.

3 | Construction

We'll communicate and keep you updated on every step through our app! You'll get to walk through the home at several key milestones.

4 | Closing

We do a final walkthrough and your dream home is now yours!

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